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Article 1 – AVG Privacy policy

Welcome to First of all, we understand that online privacy is very important for our customers, users and visitors, especially when you make a purchase. As , transparency is very important in this and we greatly appreciate your trust in us. The established Privacy Policy Applies to visitors who visit the site as well as visitors who decide to make a purchase or purchase a service through the Site or register via the Site and wish to make use of the various services and products offered to them. by Isla Ibiza Bonita.

Why do we use your data

Isla Ibiza Bonita collects your personal information to optimize the website so that it meets the desired needs of our users, to handle your purchase (such as efficiently and quickly processing your order). The information is also used to provide you as a visitor or registered customer with the right support, such as contact moments, specific questions or sending in requested information.

Purposes of data

Isla Ibiza Bonita uses your personal data for multiple purposes, such as sending our newsletter, calling or e-mailing if necessary, informing you about new and / or changed products, offering you the possibility and creating an account. , also to

To deliver goods and services to you and of course to process your order.

Where are the data stored

Your personally identified data is processed in the used and protected server. The server used is the controller and used backoffice panel of

Use of third Parties only uses and shares information with third parties for the purpose of the website and the purposes used for this purpose, as mentioned above. Third parties (such as banks, payment service and used mail and parcel corporations) may collect data that only apply to a financial transaction. A good example is iDeal, your own bank or a credit card company etc.

Cookies uses Cookies to gain insight into our customer’s preferences. In addition, cookies generate statistics for the website which are used for the optimization and need of our website. Cookies are used to see how users use the website and analyze it.

Your Rights

At Isla ibiza Bonita you as a user are entitled to multiple topics of the privacy policy. For example, you have the right to inspect our general data, update and delete data, consent to communication and withdraw it (such as newsletters, advertising, etc.). In addition, there is always the right to submit complaints and ask for additional information.

Information & Feedback

Isla Ibiza Bonita appreciates your trust, shopping experience, appreciation, privacy and use of our website. For this reason, Isla Ibiza Bonita regularly checks its privacy policy policy. Our Isla Ibiza Bonita privacy policy is therefore based on the new AVG legislation effective on 25-05-2018. If you have any questions or comments about this, please contact:

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